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John Anderson is the answer to finding your new dream home. John is an independent Sydney Real Estate buyer’s agent, who offers you the personalised service you need to make your real estate dreams a reality.

Let's Go on A Journey And Find Your Dream Home

Working with an experienced professional buyers’ agent who understands the current market dynamics, the end-to-end process, negotiation strategies and auction management will give you the confidence to take the next step towards your real estate dream.

How John Anderson Buyers Agent can help you

Search To Settlement

Comprehensive Buyer Agent Service

An all-inclusive, end to end buyers agent service starting with the search & property inspections, due diligence and real estate negotiation through to acquisition and settlement.
Comprehensive Services

Secure Your Chosen Property

Evaluate & Negotiate Property Sales

This buyers’ agent service is designed for clients who have the time to do the search but need assistance to secure the property. There may be a stalemate in the property negotiation, high emotional involvement or lack of confidence to close.
Evaluate & Negotiation Services

Bid with Confidence

Tailored Bidding at Auctions

A real estate auction arena can be a daunting setting, our buyers’ agents will work with you to establish an auction strategy and guide you on the budget we think you will need to secure the property.
Bidding At Auction Services

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has the unique but very valuable background of 14 years’ experience as a Sales Agent as well as experience as a Buyers’ Agent based in Sydney.

This means he can bring his extensive knowledge of the seller’s side of property transactions, alongside his many years of buyers’ agent experience to supporting buyers who want an advantage over the rest of the property market.

This may be accessing off market property opportunities, getting the edge in property negotiation to secure something that might slip through the fingers of others, or saving the buyer enormous amounts of time and anxiety by facilitating most of the property purchase process end to end for you.

From initial strategic real estate discussions through to the pre-settlement inspection, and everything in between, you will be able to lean on John’s years of experience and knowledge as a buyer’s agent to get the best outcome for your property search.

John Anderson Buyers Agent
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Why Use a Buyer’s Agent?


Access to Off Market Real Estate Opportunities
With over 17 years experience in the Eastern Suburbs property market John has developed strong and trusting relationships with all the key real estate sales agents. The result is getting access to off market properties before they hit the market, providing an edge over other property buyers’ agents.
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Professional Guidance Through the Process
A property purchase is not something most people do every day, and it is often the largest investment of their life. Working with an experienced professional buyer agent who understands the current property market dynamics, the end-to-end process, negotiation strategies and auction management will give you the confidence to take the next step towards your dream.
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Free Up Your Time

Trawling through real estate websites and spending hours racing between inspections is not how most people want to spend their leisure time. Let a professional property buyers’ agent be your eyes and ears in the market and seek out the most suitable properties so that your energy is spent on properties that meet your needs.
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Reduce the Frustration

Finding the ‘perfect property’ that meets your vision and your budget can be a very long and frustrating process. Months or even years of time and energy can be invested in the search. A Property Buyers Agent will be able to reduce the time of your search by uncovering off market real estate opportunities and presenting options you may not have considered previously, always keeping in mind your lifestyle goals.
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Minimise the emotional stress
Change is never easy. Purchasing a new home can be a daunting and emotional process which can lead to poor decision making. John will be your trusted real estate advisor ensuring you are making considered and rational decisions.
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The Process from Here:


The Search

We will contact all the relevant real estate agents to uncover properties before they come onto the market, and stay on top of any properties listed on market.


The Shortlisting

Our buyers’ agents will let you know of any real estate properties of interest we believe you should view.



The Due Diligence

If you’d like to proceed further with a property, we will arrange a building inspection, contract review and any council/planning checks as needed. If all this is satisfactory, we will conduct a detailed analysis of recent sales on which to base an offer for the property.


The Negotiation

Securing the property through negotiation will be driven by the price but may also include terms of the contract such as release of deposit, settlement dates etc. It is our buyer’s agent job to play the game with the real estate sales agent to get the best result for you.

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