Evaluate & Negotiate


Evaluate & Negotiate


  • Budget – up to $2.5 million
  • Negotiate and secure a property that had just come onto the market.

The Client:

John has known this client for many years, having sold a property to them prior. Selling the family home and downsizing to a smaller house was stressful given the fast-moving market at the time and because the current house had been already been sold there was some urgency in finding and securing a new home. Being out of the market for any period of time or having to rent for a period of time and moving twice between homes is not ideal.


Why appoint a Buyers Agent:

Buying and selling real estate at any time is a stressful process to go through and there many things to consider. Having seen and identified a property at its first advertised open for inspection, the client decided she wanted to purchase it before the scheduled auction if possible. Trying to purchase a property early in a campaign is tricky but it was paramount to not only achieve the best possible price but also to negotiate the most favourable terms and timeframe that fitted in with the sale settlement. The client decided to engage John to negotiate the purchase.


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The Outcome:

Within 2 days John had secured the property for $75,000 less than what the client would have offered had John not been there to negotiate on her behalf.

1a/1-3 Wallaroy Road, Woollahra - John Anderson Buyers Agent
1a/1-3 Wallaroy Road, Woollahra - John Anderson Buyers Agent

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