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John Anderson has the unique but very valuable background of 14 years’ experience as a Sales Agent as well as experience as an estate agent based in Sydney. This means he can bring his extensive knowledge of the seller’s side of property transactions, alongside his many years of experience to supporting buyers who want an advantage over the rest of the property market.

Who is John Anderson?

John Anderson

John is an approachable, down to earth professional estate agent that is truly passionate about securing great family homes and sound investment properties for the people he is supporting.

Understanding the intricacies of the property game and his ability to navigate that for great outcomes is invaluable.

Born and bred in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, he is often mistaken for a country boy with his approachable down to earth nature.

John understands what makes property deals fall over and what makes them come together. It is a delicate balance that can easily be tipped by the wrong move.

Having been in the real estate industry for almost 20 years, John has a deep understanding of the psychology of the individuals in play and tailors his approach accordingly.

John’s connections throughout the real estate industry creates a level of trust with the agents. And this ultimately results in speed to the deal and first mover advantage. Great properties are not always on the market, or for long.


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  • Access to Off Market Property Opportunities
  • Professional property guidance through the process
  • Free Up Your Time
  • Reduce the Frustration
  • Minimize the emotional stress

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Yes, we have a wide range of buyers’ agent success case studies. Find them here.

  • A single point of contact – no need for you to communicate directly with real estate sales agents.
  • Ability to act quickly – an established network of quality professionals to call on for Due Diligence.
  • An expert to compare similar properties in the area, guiding you on the appropriate price to offer.

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A property auction arena can be a daunting setting, we will work with you to establish an auction strategy and guide you on the budget we think you will need to secure the property.

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