Comprehensive Service


Comprehensive Service


  • 3-4 bedroom family home with land
  • Up to $5 million
  • Search area – Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill, Randwick, Queens Park, Vaucluse
  • Happy to renovate to create their dream home

The Client:

Andrew & Hannah had recently sold their 4 bedroom home in Randwick for what they thought was a great price. They had agreed long settlement terms to give them time to buy a new home. They had made a good profit on their last home by renovating it, so were hoping to do something similar again.


Why they appointed a Buyers Agent:

As their settlement period went on and they started looking for a property they realised that the market had moved by 10% in the time since they had sold their property – they were chasing the market and it seemed to be moving weekly. Andrew and Hannah decided to appoint John to help them find the right property and negotiate a good deal quickly, before the market moved even more.


The Outcome:

John showed Andrew and Hannah a number of offmarket opportunities and introduced them to a property on O’Sullivan Rd before it came to market. This property was an original Californian bungalow – a classic knock down. After initially dismissing it due to the amount of work required John insisted they return and pointed out all the advantages of the location, the block size and the value they could add. The property was secured late on a Friday night, a few days before the auction.


See how John Anderson Buyers Agents Comprehensive Services can help you secure your dream home, contact us today for more information.

163 O'Sullivan Rd, Bellevue Hill - John Anderson Buyers Agent
163 O'Sullivan Rd, Bellevue Hill - John Anderson Buyers Agent

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